Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Webinar on Alternative Fee Arrangements

As pressures to manage legal costs mount, there's a renewed interest in alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) as a way to align the value delivered by an outside law firm with the amount billed for services (as Craig Raeburn discussed in his post on this blog about AFAs and how CT TyMetrix 360° supports alternative fee arrangements with the AFA module).

In our webinar, we discussed considerations to address when creating AFAs, and how a law department's e-billing system can support and enforce these arrangements. The webinar is available as an archived recording if you missed the live event or would like to review the topics we covered:
CT TyMetrix Alternative Fee Arrangement Webinar Archive

The presenters:
  • Keith Brown (Consultant, Law Department Service Line, Baker Robbins and Company)
  • Craig Raeburn (Vice President of Product Development, CT TyMetrix)
  • Jennifer Pearce (Manager of Legal Operations and Records Management, International Paper)

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