Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Practices for Managing Outside Counsel

Our latest whitepaper focuses on best practices for inside counsel to achieve alignment and efficiencies with outside counsel:

"The relationship between outside counsel and their in-house counterparts has always been somewhat tenuous in nature. On one hand, both parties share a common goal—to effectively manage matters and achieve a successful outcome by applying their legal expertise. On the other hand, their goals and priorities can conflict, especially when it comes to cost reduction and utilization of resources.

One of in-house counsel’s top concerns is cost reduction. As the economy necessitates a reduction in corporate spending and corporate executives place increased pressure on departments to slash costs, in-house counsel must find ways to manage litigation effectively while staying within their budgets.

Meanwhile, outside counsel are out to run a business and turn a profit. Their hourly fees continue to rise, and in-house counsel often receive pushback when negotiating alternative fee arrangements and reduced hourly fees."
The paper details nine best practices for managing outside counsel, and is co-authored by CT TyMetrix expert Bill Sowinski and Keith Schrodt of CT Summation.

Download the free whitepaper (registration required)

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