Friday, May 15, 2009

Webinar: Predictive Modeling in Litigation Management

For more than a decade, insurance companies have been leveraging technology to better manage their claims and the costs associated with litigation, including (by the early 90s) e-billing, which streamlined processes and automated enforcement of guidelines. This evolved (by the late 90s) into collaborative, web-based systems handling case management, and later into today's systems offering reporting tools to better understand law firm performance and other trends in litigation.

The missing piece has been advanced analytics to optimize this wealth of information into streamlined business processes and guided decision-making. Moving forward, predictive modeling will play a greater role in litigation management, promising significant improvements in process and total claim outcomes.

CT TyMetrix, in partnership with Deloitte and Claims/TechDecisions magazines, will present a webinar on this topic on June 16 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Our discussion of The Future of Predictive Modeling in Litigation Management will discuss the impact of system-aided guidance in matters including:

  • Selecting the most appropriate defense law firm based on case details
  • Providing guidance on resolution strategies given the carrier's and industry data
  • Early automated identification of case severity

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