Monday, January 26, 2009

Matter Management 2.0

I've been invited to participate in a LegalTech panel on Tuesday, February 3.

Matter Management 2.0
If there was ever an offering that was in need of reality show make over, it is (at least as commonly conceived by the market) good old “matter management”. Like the Ford 150 that just got taken for granted as a necessity, it is time for a redo. And I think there is actually a lot to talk about if you compare what people think as to what is or should be included in or asked of matter management circa 2000 verses 2009 / 2010. This very subject will be put to a panel organized by Huron at Legal Tech Tuesday in NYC. Myself and two leaders from other legal software companies will all be asked to talk about how matter management has changed, what its ROI is or should be, and what is coming around the corner. In short, why should the law department market care and think about updating their old system.

At Huron’s request, the three leading vendors have agreed to “lay down their arms” for the session and talk openly about what is on the road map in the area of integrated platforms, EDD, legal holds, DM, spend management, reporting, and a host of other topics. I am looking forward to it and I do feel it is time to challenge the industry in tough economy to show how these platforms add value and how it is possible for a law department to not have to stop at every booth at Legal Tech to stitch together a solution that meets its needs. “Necessity is always the mother of invention”, but happily I think the market is ready to meet this challenge.

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